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MySimon is a comparison-shopping website owned by CBS Interactive. The site offers shopping recommendations, buying advice, and side by side price comparisons for various products. Founded in 1998, mySimon was acquired in 2000 for $700 million. mySimon was also nominated for a Webby award in 2001. The site directs users to other shopping sites such as when searching for products.

A regretful candidate who applied for a job shares her story on Glassdoor, "I wish I had read the other interview reviews before agreeing to start interviewing at this company. It seems to be a very common practice for CBS Interactive to ghost you at some point during your interview process. It's a poor way to treat people who are excited about potentially going to work at your company. Why even start the process if you don't have any intention of following through? At the very least send a generic email to follow up so that you aren't leaving people hanging."


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chris watson says

"Terrible customer service, Sell you products that barely outlast your contract and then when the product fails they want you to sign another contract so they can give you their cheap products again. Search elsewhere if you want something that actually keeps your family safe, Thankfully I am out of contract and can take my business somewhere else."

Michelle Lambert says

"I am soooooooo sick of these people. Sure they were nice at first but dont ever think than you can successfully end your contract. I cannot tell you how many times I have advised Frontpoint that I want to end my 36 month contract (big mistake) as soon as it is up. Over and over and over again. I am harassed daily for payment beyond the 36 months. Threats non-stop. I am sick of telling these people that I requested the contract not be renewed. Do you speak English??????"

Chad Rudy says

"The worst kind of company. FrontPoint makes it impossible to cancel their service. Cancelling requires 30 days notice, essentially 99 dollars. Calling in to cancel and saying “I want to cancel my service” isn’t enough, you need to respond to additional emails. If you miss one of the steps you have to start over and hand over another 90 dollars. This is predatory. FrontPoint should be shamed off themselves. I can only assume the company has a high suicide rate among its employees. Avoid at all costs. They also charge too much for the service."

Cheryl Davis says

"I DO NOT recommend Frontpoint Security. I have been with them for 5+ years and decided to go with Simplisafe because of the more reasonable monitoring, plus would get false alarms in the middle of the night on multiple occasions that would scare the life out of you almost. Sent an email on 8/17 asking when I should cancel my service so that I would no longer be charged and never got a reply. Now I am being told because I called on 9/02, I will be charged an additional two months because I did not call before 9/01. I understand the 1 month but not 2 months. They told me I should have read my contract which I never received (plus it was 5 plus years ago). I asked for the contract I signed they could only produced a PDF file they had created and they could not find an email I had returned to them acknowledging the contract."

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